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Shrimp Boats at Darien GA 2011Planet Mercury Revealed at Solar Eclipse, 2017Wild Horses, UtahIbis with Fish at Biscayne Bay, Coconut Grove, FLBirds in Spray, Phoenix ZooEgret at Dawn, EvergladesMandrill, San Diego ZooRosette in the EvergladesHumming Bird, La Jolla, CABoy at the Wall, HavanaHavana Boxing AcademyBiscayne Bay, MiamiInternational Space StationIbis in the Morning, Coconut Grove, FLSolar Eclipse, August 2017, Casper, WYReturning Home at Sunset, La JollaRosette in Flight, EvergladesButterflies Mating at Fairchild Gardens, FloridaFlamingo, San Diego Zoo